I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker dedicated to providing professional counseling services designed to meet your goals. 

Services I provide include:

Individual Counseling/Psychotherapy – One-on-one counseling with adults, adolescents or children. The direction of therapy is largely client-determined and can encompass a wide variety of purposes including self-exploration and personal growth or relief of specific symptoms. Depending on how urgent or acute your situation, 50-minute sessions may be scheduled weekly or biweekly.

Parent Coaching – As a parent, you may desire help in designing and implementing a plan to help your child or young adult learn new, more productive ways of coping with their emotions or change their behavior.

Family Therapy – This solution-focused counseling involves goals targeted at improving the functioning of your family as a whole.

Seminars and Presentations – Education-focused lectures or discussion on a variety of mental or behavioral health issues e.g. “Helping Anxious Children” and “Stress Management.”

My treatment approach is solution-focused and informed by both cognitive-behavioral and family systems theory. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the best-researched scientifically supported intervention for anxiety disorders. The focus is mainly on your present situation. Relationship conflicts may be best approached by an interpersonal or family systems theory. This emphasizes the cause and effect in relationships as well as the roots of relationship needs and styles.